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Yes this was my trailer today

"Girls Lounge" Haha. And yes, all girls would love that room.

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Oh Reedus. Thank you.

Totally appropriate. The Captain of the Ship approves.

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requested by britofthebacklogs

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I’m glad you liked it!

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Just posted my new fanart of the Rickyl AU fan fic


Why are all the talented people in the world extra talented. It’s just not fair. mirroraurora writes amazing fic and draws amazing things as well. And how many drabbles and art in the Rickyl tag are from the same people. And Masa does both too. (She loves writing more than drawing and she draws like that asdlkasdlkja).

Sigh. You are way too talented Masa.

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He wasn’t going to need a jacket, but he wanted it anyway. He pulled the soft fabric close to his face, let the hardly-there scent of it waft over him. - Under the Law [author:Jay]

I’m so in love with this Rickyl AU fanfic. It’s not just a romantic story, it’s a story to show how people can change through getting to know each other and opening up. You’ll see darkness of a life through the fic and it makes light brighter. That’s what I always need in my life.

omg. So awesome. That fic is so good (but I’m like two chapters behind) and this art omg. So pretty.

And now I want Masa to go through and draw scenes of from favorite Rickyl fanfics. ;-)

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Fanfiction Recommendation: Parking Lot Treasure by hershelgreenie

“What’s his name?” Rick asked suddenly from the door. It was one of the few moments Daryl was ever caught off guard… Daryl quickly dropped his gaze to the dog, looking at the collar that was barely hanging on.He unfastened the collar, deciding it was safer for him anyway, and turned the tag over in his hand. The engraving had worn, but it was legible. Daryl scowled to himself as he read aloud, “Ricky.” Rick knew that he was saying the dog’s name (Ricky immediately looked up at Daryl), but he couldn’t resist teasing. “What’d you call me?”

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like father, like son





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